Specializing in California DUI Defense for over 40 Years. All Charges Dismissed in over 90% of DUI Jury Trials.



Jon Artz is Los Angeles’ best DUI Lawyer with more than 40 Years Experience defending DUI cases. As a Los Angeles DUI Attorney, Jon Artz keeps 99% of his clients out of jail and driving on a first or second DUI offense. Jon Artz is one of the authors of “California Drunk Driving Law”, considered the Bible of DUI defense. He has specialized in DUI defense in Los Angeles and Southern California for over 40 years. Based on his experience, unique expertise, and trial results, Jon Artz is considered the “Best DUI Lawyer in California.”

Jon Artz wins “Not Guilty” verdicts — all charges dismissed — in over 90% of his DUI jury trials… even in cases involving prior convictions, accidents, high blood alcohol levels, and BAC test refusals.

Mr. Artz has successfully won thousands of DUI Alcohol/drug cases, in court and at the DMV, and has authored creative DUI defense strategies (“Artz Motions”). His pretrial motions often exclude prosecution evidence from trial, which results in Not Guilty verdicts or a great reduction in the charges. Read these DUI Rave Reviews from Jon’s clients and his attorney colleagues.

Unrivaled DUI Defense for Four Decades

Mr. Artz is widely acknowledged for his trial skills resulting in not guilty verdicts.

No California DUI attorney wins more consistently successful outcomes for his clients.  Jon’s expertise with juries is legendary.  How does this help you?

Jon’s reputation for winning “unwinnable” DUI cases helps him secure a reduction of charges in the majority of his DUI cases.  Prosecutors know which DUI attorneys actually go to trial, and which are skilled enough to win.  Mr. Artz’ success record motivates prosecutors to resolve cases prior to trial, because prosecutors don’t like losing.  They would rather make concessions to Mr. Artz pre-trial than risk losing a public jury trial. Prosecutors do not make the same kind of concessions to defense attorneys that do not go to trial.

You deserve the best possible DUI defense

Best DUI Lawyer Jon Artz is an expert in California DUI Defense, blood alcohol science and BAC detection technologies, and creative sentencing alternatives to prison and jail.

Mr. Artz is one of four Contributing Authors to “California Drunk Driving Law” – the “bible” of California DUI Law, and is a popular speaker on Drunk Driving Law, DUI Trial Law, and DUI defense strategies at the California DUI Lawyers Association, the California Public Defenders Association, and the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, among other respected legal organizations. The best DUI association in the nation, the California DUI Lawyers Association, has chosen Jon Artz as their DUI Jury Trial expert and speaker for many of their annual conferences.

Don’t risk your freedom and future by hiring an attorney who doesn’t take DUI cases to trial.  DUI laws and science are complex, and a DUI conviction can be devastating.  Hire the DUI lawyer legal experts consider the “Best DUI Lawyer in California” for drunk driving and drugged driving defense.

…and protect your right to drive with the DMV

You have 10 days from the date of your arrest to defend your right to drive. Don’t delay! If you or your attorney does not request a DMV hearing timely, the DMV will automatically suspend your license 30 days after your arrest. Jon Artz will keep you driving.

Jon Artz offers comprehensive DUI services, including DMV advocacy with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to win back your driver’s license and your right to drive.  (Often you won’t even have to make an appearance.) Mr. Artz has created a unique way to fight the DMV and keep his clients driving.

Based in West Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard, Jon Artz is well known throughout the Southern California court system, and is especially active in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Mar Vista, Venice, Marina del Rey, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, South Bay, Ventura County, and Orange County.

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